Friday, April 20, 2012

Where in the World is MY Vagabond?

My Vagabond is on the pier in Manhattan Beach! It was a cool, foggy morning...the beach was a still a sleepy place with only the joggers, cyclists and dog walkers out on the strand. Just over the rise of the sand dunes, the sun was warm and brilliant, with just a whisper of the sea breeze...such is life in Manhattan Beach in the morning.


  1. Fun picture with your Vagabond! Glad I popped over here, as you work is amazing! I love all the cards with the various folds you do.

  2. I am a quilter surfing the internet looking at what I thought was a picture of a quilt and just stumbled into your blog. Your creativity is beautifully amazing... if you're not selling your work, you should consider it... just a thought. :-)