Thursday, May 26, 2011

Explosion Book for Graduation

 Hello! We are just back from a trip to witness our daughter receive her Master's degree. Of course, we are very proud of her. To commemorate the occasion, I made an explosion book for her, but I didn't want to post the photos until she got to see was supposed to be a surprise! It is done in black and white, with some gold and silver, and just a bit of the school's colors, maroon (and white). It is a combination of printed and solid papers, purchased and hand made embellishments, stamps and stamps and stamps. I wasn't sure what I was after, and I'm not sure about what I ended up with, but it sure was fun! Here it is:

  This is the front cover. When closed, it lies fairly flat, tied with a silver ribbon. The rosette is purchased, then addd to, using the Tim Holtz rosette die.

 The first page features a purchased mortarboard and tassel embellishment, and a miniature diploma in a presentation folder, with lots of stamps and an Ide-ology token.

This page reflects our daughter's love of learning and books, and her sense of humor, with a quote by Groucho Marx, and a variety of dog-related images and  words...we've had Golden Retrievers since before we were married!

 The third page features quotes by Einstein, Carl Sandberg, and Oprah, with lots of other words and images.

This last page is a combination of inspirational thoughts and wishes for her future.

 This is how the book looks when tied open on a flat surface.

She was happy with it, and so was I.

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