Friday, April 29, 2011

Alyse's Birthday Star Book

  I have a friend who will soon reach the revered age of 95 years. We met in a class at our local synagogue about 17 years ago. We became fast friends, providing a friendlier perspective of the other's generation. Alyse's presence in my life has made a profound difference in how I view the caregiver role I fill for my own mother. Anyway, one of Alyse's adult granddaughters arranged for 95 individuals or families that are important to Alyse, and to whom Alyse is important, to send a card or letter or photos or whatever, on an assigned day, for the 95 days prior to Alyse's actual birthday. Alyse was astounded that all these "love letters" were arriving, out of the blue! She figured it out on the third day! My assigned day was April 25th, about 3 weeks before the actual date of her birth, in 1916. I wanted to do a project that Alyse could spend time enjoying...something with a bit of Wow to it...I wanted her to LOVE it. I did a star book with the theme of friendship in 5 pages, and the 6th page was a birthday page. She loves it and I am happy to have done it. She keeps it on display in the front entrance of the house.

Here are some photos:

I realized today that I have never really shared my art work with Alyse...she received holiday cards, thank you cards and birthday cards , but I never brought her any of my class designs or book projects or any of the other things I've made to share with her. So today I packed up a shopping bag of samples and we had a lovely hour or so while the cookies were baking, looking at a bunch of my stuff. She concluded that although all the things I brought to show her really were "gorgeous", the book I made for her was certainly more beautiful than all the rest. She was happy, and so was I.

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